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Elder Law Attorney in Conyers, Georgia

As a unique field of law, elder law addresses the unique needs and issues affecting American citizens as they grow older. Elder law encompasses healthcare, long-term care planning, estate planning, asset protection, and other complex issues. These topics are not only complex but quite emotional for everyone involved.

As a knowledgeable and compassionate elder law attorney at Sharline S. Green, P.C., I help people navigate complicated legal issues that are specific to the elderly and their loved ones. I serve clients in Conyers, Georgia, and throughout the state, including Greensboro, Oxford, Covington, Grayson, Snellville, Atlanta, Loganville, and Lawrenceville. Set up a consultation with me today.

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What Is Elder Law?

Elder law encompasses a variety of legal issues affecting older people in the United States. This field of law deals with the critical decisions that may arise when aging, including estate planning, guardianship, long-term care planning, and more.

Often, elderly people need legal guidance in order to ensure that their needs are met and their assets are protected to the fullest extent possible. At Sharline S. Green, P.C., my goal is to help you create a thoughtful and comprehensive plan that gives you peace of mind. I understand that you have worked hard to build your wealth. I also understand that it can be overwhelming to make decisions that could affect your family for generations to come.

That is why it is my mission as an elder law attorney in Conyers, Georgia, to help you protect your legacy and ease the burden when you are faced with making these difficult decisions.

Estate Planning & Elder Law

Estate planning is an essential element of elder law. As you age, protecting your assets and making sure that your property is distributed to your loved ones may become one of your priorities in life. That is why you need a well-crafted and detailed estate plan in place.

Dying without a will—which is also known as dying intestate—means that your property will be distributed to your loved ones according to your state’s intestacy succession laws. However, an estate plan involves much more than just protecting your assets. An estate plan can also help you avoid probate, ensure that your assets are transferred to the intended beneficiaries, minimize or avoid estate taxes, name guardians for your minor children, and express your wishes for funeral arrangements, among other things.

A comprehensive estate plan may include a last will and testament, trust, power of attorney, and other documents that serve various purposes.

Healthcare/Long-Term Care Issues

As we get older, we become more dependent on healthcare services and long-term care. The cost of long-term care, however, can be too overwhelming for the elderly, especially when they fail to plan for long-term care in advance.

There are various strategies for protecting your assets and ensuring that your health and personal needs are met for years and decades to come. A skilled elder law attorney can help you develop a plan that considers your unique circumstances and addresses legal, financial, and healthcare issues.

Guardianship Concerns

When elderly people cannot make decisions on their own because of the lack of mental or physical capacity, they may need a guardian to make decisions on their behalf. It’s incredibly important to think about guardianship issues before it is too late. An experienced elder law attorney can help you make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you appoint the right guardians to take care of your financial, legal, and medical needs if you become incapacitated.

Elder Law Attorney in Conyers, Georgia

Elder law encompasses a wide range of legal issues affecting older people, including guardianship, estate planning, healthcare, long-term care planning, and many others. These unique needs can best be served by a knowledgeable elder law attorney who has extensive experience. At Sharline S. Green, P.C., I serve the aging population in Conyers, Georgia, and all across the state. Get a case review today to discuss your elder law concerns.