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Sharline S. Green P.C. exists to help individuals and families plan and prepare for some of the most difficult times in their lives. Dealing with the disability, incapacity, or death of a loved one is challenging even when there is careful planning and preparation, and it could be devastating without. As an estate planning attorney, I am here to help you make the tough decisions now that will make it easier for your family when the unthinkable happens. If you'd like to schedule a consultation, contact our Conyers law office today.

After practicing in three different areas of law—Real Estate, Bankruptcy, and Family Law—I settled on Estate Planning after creating a plan for my own family. Before the birth of my daughter, I did not even have a will, but after the birth of my son, and the death of my marriage, I knew the will I had was not sufficient protection for my children and set out to create the best plan possible for them. After months of research, study, and talking with other estate planning attorneys, I discovered how incredibly ignorant I was of all that estate planning entailed, and how that ignorance (even with my very expensive law school education) left my family exposed to unnecessary risks and potential hardship.

Armed with the awareness that estate planning is more than a set of documents that simply dictates who gets what when you die, I transitioned into the estate planning practice area. I realized that there was a need to educate, inform, and empower individuals to make better decisions now, in order to better protect themselves and their families in the future.

Estate planning with me is a process, as well as an investment of time, energy, and resources, to ensure that enough information is exchanged, in order to create the best plan that addresses you and your family's needs and goals. Completing a plan with my Conyers law office gives you access to me as your trusted legal advisor even after you receive your documents so you can continue to receive guidance and support to maintain your life, prosperity, and wealth.

Helping families plan for the uncertainties in life fulfills a deep longing and desire of mine to do meaningful and purposeful work that is not only satisfying—knowing that I have made a major contribution to a family—but also a part of my own legacy of positively impacting as many people as possible. When you work with me, you will discover that I am passionate, dedicated, and love the work I'm doing.

I look forward to working with you and your family soon!

Sharline S. Green, Attorney and Counselor at Law