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Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

Dec. 25, 2023

In the frosty air, a joyous tune

Christmas spirit begins to bloom.

Lights twinkle, casting a magical glow

As snowflakes dance, gently falling below.


Families gather, hearts filled with cheer

Sharing laughter and love, this time of year.

The scent of cookies, warm from the oven

Fills the house, a sweet reminder of heaven.


Stockings hung by the chimney with care

Children's excitement fills the air.

Beneath the tree, wrapped with care

Gifts await, moments to share.


In the distance, church bells chime

Echoing songs of a simpler time.

Voices raised in hymns of praise

Celebrating the birth of hope's embrace.


As the world turns white, so pure and bright

We're reminded of love's enduring light.

For Christmas is a time of joy and grace

A season to cherish, in every embrace.


So let us gather, hand in hand

And spread kindness throughout the land.

For in this season, let us be

Bringers of peace and unity.


Merry Christmas to all, far and near

May your hearts be filled with holiday cheer.

May love and happiness fill each day

And guide you on your merry way.