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Jan. 16, 2023

What is a pour over will? A pour over will is an estate planning tool that can be used to ensure that assets that were not connected to yor trust duuring your lifetime are “poured over” into the trust after you pass away. This type of testamentary document can help protect your estate and make sure that your heirs receive the inheritance they are entitled to.

A pour over will is especially important if you have recently acquired new assets that weren't included in your original estate plan or your estate acquired assets after you pass away. If these new assets aren’t included in the initial trust, they would become part of your probate estate and may be distributed differently than you intended.

Creating a pour over will does more than just add new property. It also ensures that any existing property mentioned in the original will is transferred into your trust. This transfer allows for easier and smoother management of the estate of a deceased individual since all of their properties can be managed through one instrument instead of multiple wills or trusts.

Overall, setting up a pour-over will is an easy way to ensure that all of your assets are managed properly after you pass away and that your heirs receive what you intended them to have.

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Consulting with an experienced attorney is always advisable when creating any type of testamentary document Click here to Schedule a FREE Virtual Estate Planning Session. We will guide you through the entire process of setting up a pour-over will for yourself.


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