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The Importance of Estate Planning

Aug. 9, 2021

Why is it so important to plan now for your family’s future?

Well, tough questions will have to be answered and it is so much easier on the family if these issues are contemplated before the unthinkable happens. Have you ever considered who will manage your financial affairs if you are unable to yourself, or who will make medical decisions for you in a life-or-death situation? How about where your kids will end up if you don’t make it home, or who will manage their financial future in your absence, or whether you have made adequate preparations for their emotion, psychological, and financial wellbeing?

If you don’t answer these questions a Judge will. Having to go to Court to become a guardian or conservator over you or a minor child of yours, can significantly impact the lives of those closest to you. We see it time after time that families suffer because of a failure to plan or even take simple steps that would have made it easier on those left behind.

Even for those who think they don’t have much of an estate, it could still cost a family time and money to gain access to a small bank account or a car. If you have more than that, it becomes even more costly and time consuming.

Doing nothing is doing something. It’s making a decision now that could have a disastrous effect on your family’s future and lead to conflict for the long-term.